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  A new version of an age-old parable linking the three great Abrahamic religions:
  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


  Its setting here is a fairy tale with a happy ending and an enduring bid for concord.

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The Princess Series

Three novels about the women of one slave family begin with a kidnapping in Africa in the early eighteenth century.  The books offer a window on slave religion in three different time periods, and bear witness to the power of blood ties to the past.  Fourteen generations of women guard and preserve an ancient cultural heritage through a quarter of a millennium and across an ocean separating two widely different worlds.  The stories trace their loss and rediscovery of one another, their resolution, courage, and near uncanny perseverance.

  In Ferolene of Tincup, Anna's twentieth century descendant,
  daughter of a hard-working laundress whose grandmother was
  born in slavery, discovers a lost link to the past.  Relationships,
  including one with a Vodun priest, and long forgotten lore
  resurface to guide Ferolene in the quest she undertakes as part
  of a story set in rural Georgia during the Civil Rights era in the
  American south.

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   Anna's descendant, in Aggy of Zion, lives in the pre-Civil War
   Shenandoah Valley of Virginia during the evangelical revivalist
   era of the Second Great Awakening, and at a time when slaves
   are being sold south in increasing  numbers.  An encounter with
   the ghost of a master murdered by his slaves foreshadows her own
   trial of self-sacrifice and her loss of those she loves.

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  A young girl is kidnapped in a remote region of Africa and
  transported to the new world on a slave ship, bringing along
  with her an animist religion and a matrilineal legacy she
  manages not only to preserve, but to send forward into the

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  Excerpt of Anna of Corotoman